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Yoga Dance Therapy


Yoga dance Therapy is an art based on the application of yoga principles to dance. This method combines a dynamic sequence of asanas (postural patterns and movements) inspired from different world dance traditions like Indian classical dance, ballet and contemporary dance, and approaches them through a practical and theoretical understanding of yoga.

Dance is a wonderful tool which uses the body language to express the emotions and cultures the right brain. The perfection in movements, synchronization to the rhythm and arithmetic involved in keeping to the rhythm are useful in developing the left brain and the expressions involved in communicating the emotions through the delicacy of movements of limbs, face and eyes require the right brain.

Yoga dance Therapy (YDT) is a teaching method based on the systematic application of yoga principles in the art of dance, combining a movement-oriented sequence of asanas and purification techniques. It is inspired by three world dance traditions – Indian classical dance, ballet and contemporary dance – and is an integrative art form based in the philosophy of Ayurveda.

Emotion culture and meditation which are essential components of yoga for total health, stress reduction and professional excellence can be incorporated into the dance training program. While you concentrate and learn the limb and trunk movements for perfect synchronization, observe your own mind. Check if you are getting stressed up (anxious), tired or lazy.

Yoga dance Therapy also includes the use of different therapies and holistic healing techniques from martial arts manipulations, massages, visualizations and choreography. It aims to create body-mind awareness and an understanding of patterns for therapeutic choreography, restoring balance and health through the concept of meditation in action.

The postural patterns are combined with dance to create body-mind awareness and craft movement patterns for therapeutic choreography. Yogadance Therapy is the ultimate body-mind therapy fitness training programme designed for dancers and athletes, and is open to all. The Yogadance Therapy training is particularly interesting for dancers, actors, dance teachers in any style, athletes, physiotherapists, dance therapists, fitness trainers and spa therapists who wish to gain first-hand knowledge about yoga and dance, and body mind therapies.

This basic workshop includes an introduction to the theory on yoga/dance/body-mind therapy, a class in yoga and dance technique (ballet/contemporary) followed by YDT choreographic yogadance sequences. Each session ends with purification practices (pranayama, kapalabhati and/or meditation) and a final deep restorative relaxation.

Thus yoga practices would not only help you to be a better professional but would make you a healthier human being through harmony between the right and left brain.

Yoga techniques by divyayogashop


Yogis mull over that we’re all searching for bliss and this is everyone’s real objective. It’s essentially that a great many people settle for the brief, diluted model of transitory delights.

The yogis express that for the length of our profound development over numerous lives we are going to wind up disappointed with brief, transient delights and start our journey for unceasing joy. Strategies to understand this were produced and idealized by the yogis many years prior. They consider that nature’s laws are designed to the point that we should advance. The essential instrument nature makes utilization of in the early stages is torment. When we find that connections, money or liquor, for instance, don’t create satisfaction or a feeling of target, we’ll start attempting all the more profoundly into life. Yoga sits tight calmly for you to achieve this stage.

In the later phases of otherworldly advancement, throb is not had any desire to goad us on. Every phase of advancement creates such peace and joy that this tempts us to go to a superior phase of bliss. Accordingly, rather than throb, reward transforms into the prime mover.

The above is an exceptionally transient sign of yoga rationality, which is complete to the point that it offers with every part of life and digs into the very way of reality. It’s obviously past the extent of this book.

In apply, yoga is a used study of the brain and body. It originates from the Hindu vedas (sacred texts). Watch and analyze of it help to convey two or three characteristic solidness of body and brain in which the condition of wellbeing can show itself. Yoga itself doesn’t make wellbeing; decently, it makes an inside setting that permits the individual to come back to his own condition of element parity, or wellbeing. Predominantly, yoga shows that a sound individual is a concordantly worked in unit of constitution, musings and soul. In this manner, great wellbeing requires a basic, normal nourishment regimen, train in contemporary air, a quiet and untroubled considerations and the mindfulness that key’s most profound and most noteworthy self is comparable with the soul of God. In outcome, to numerous enthusiasts, yoga transforms into a logic that gives guideline and knowledge into each side of life: the profound, the mental and the physical. Obviously, in light of the fact that it’s comprehensive, people who need to pick and look over its buffet can achieve that without being disillusioned. Yoga is similarly fulfilling as a physical cure alone.

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